Inez Almeida

We chose a theme to work on making sure it was specific and clear, and worked from there in a decomposing and investigating manner to the core of what believe systems could be underlying below my personal challenge and desire.
The whole process was inviting, sensorial aware, clear and supportive. I got to literally feel my belief system created at 12 years of age and to feel how that was still playing a roll in my life despite it not being true. I felt how painful it was to have felt this way and with this new distance I could feel compassion and comfort my inner child and take steps into integration and release of that system… what a gift, what a transformative realisation and what a expansive calming feeling I experience in the end of the session.
Casimir guided and held space the entire time with clear questions, deep healing and a compassionate curious mind. I highly recommend working with him.

Charlotte B.

NARM is a subtle and deeply nourishing way to connect to young parts of you that may be asking for attention. Casimir is a safe, kind, highly attuned accompanier through this process of bringing yourself home and integrating unresolved experiences from the past.

I felt whole, well and much more grounded and got enormous benefit and ease of being from the session, it was highly impactful.